Transcript of the inaugural #ukmedlibs Twitter chat

You can see the transcript of the first ever #ukmedlibs Twitter chat, thanks to Symplur, They also provide analytics.

The next chat will be on Tuesday 16 June, at 8 pm. If you’d like to lead a chat, or suggest a topic, get in touch. You can e-mail us, leave a comment below, or find us on Twitter.


Tonight’s #ukmedlibs Twitter chat

We’re ready to go! Logon to Twitter at 8 pm tonight, Tuesday 19 May, to discuss the Health Education England Library and Knowledge Service Development Framework. Copies of the full Framework and a short briefing may be downloaded at

We’ll ask everyone to tweet a brief introduction and then we’ll structure the discussion around these questions; they’re not exclusive, so if there’s another aspect of the Framework you want to discuss, feel free to raise it.

  1. Purpose (section 2) and vision (section 3). Are these right?
  2. What do  ‘proactive customer focused knowledge services’ mean to you?
  3. Quick and easy access to knowledge: we have the technology, as they say, how do we apply it?
  4. Effective leadership, planning and development of the LKS workforce: what’s the first thing you’d redesign in your role?
  5. Optimising investment: what needs to happen to make LKS funding sustainable?
  6. Measuring success: there’s some tough targets here, to be achieved in three years. Which are the easy ones, which the hardest, and how do we achieve them?
  7. What next steps will you take in your organisation to make the transformation happen?

The discussion will finish at 9 pm.

The tweets will be archived on Symplur and a transcript will be made available shortly afterwards.

If you’ve never participated in a Twitter chat before, this guidance, from our friends who run the #uklibchat chat, may be useful

We have a date! Tuesday 19 May, at 8pm

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve found a new date for the #ukmedlibs Twitter chat on the HEE LKS Development Framework: Tuesday 19 May, at 8pm. More details will be posted here and from our Twitter account, @ukmedlibs, in due course.

Thereafter, the chats will take place on the third Tuesday of the month. If you have ideas for topics you’d like covered, or would like to lead a chat, do get in touch.

First ever #ukmedlibs Twitter chat: date to be announced

The first ever #ukmedlibs Twitter chat will take place at soon. The theme will be Health Education England’s Library and Knowledge Services Development Framework.

Following the lead of the well-established North American #medlibs Twitter chats, we’re starting a British one, using the hashtag #ukmedlibs. #medlibs discussions are fascinating, but take place in the early hours of the morning by our time, when clean-living librarians this side of the Atlantic are fast asleep in bed. We’ve called these chats #ukmedlibs, and the medium of discussion will be English, but we hope it will prove attractive to anyone in this part of the world.

Twitter chats offer a new way to debate professional issues. They take place at an agreed time around a set subject and use a hashtag (#) to organise the conversation and differentiate it from everything else going on on Twitter.
To take part you need to:

  • have a Twitter account. Register at
  • be online at the appointed time
  • join in, using the #ukmedlibs hashtag, so everyone can see that your tweets are part of the conversation

We’ve chosen for the theme of the first one the HEE LKS Knowledge for healthcare:
a development framework for NHS library and knowledge services in England
, which may be found at  To focus the discussion, we’ll post some questions in advance  here.
Of course there’s also a Twitter account, @ukmedlibs
Thanks to Symplur, chats will be archived for those who can’t participate, or who want to revisit them later:

The evil geniuses behind #ukmedlibs are Holly Case, Outreach Librarian at Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust,
Sam Burgess, Head Librarian, Academy Library and Information Service, Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Tom Roper, Clinical Librarian at Brighton and Sussex NHS Library and Knowledge Service. If anyone else would like to help with the organisation, or would be interested in guest hosting future chats, do get in touch: leave a comment below, or e-mail us.

Website for the #ukmedlibs Twitter chats