Join #ukmedlibs on 16th January to discuss institutional repositories.

Following a recent HEE Leadership Course Project looking at Institutional Repositories, a toolkit was created and continues to be developed on the KfH Blog.

Have you created an institutional repository for your organisation or worked with partners to do so?  Are you interested in working in this area of Knowledge Management to support your organisation?

If so why not join us for this twitter chat in which we will explore the following questions:….

Our questions:

    1. What is your definition of a repository?
    2. What are the potential benefits to the organisation of having a repository?
    3. How would you use a repository in your organisation i.e. what materials would you include?
    4. Which options are you using or have you looked at? Dedicated solution, free solution or adapt something you already have?
    5. What are the barriers to implementing a repository ?/What would help you to implement?
    6. How would you promote it to staff in the organisation?

Join us at 8pm on Tuesday 16th January for the first #ukmedlibs chat of 2018.


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