July’s Chat – Patient and Public Information, how is your service getting involved?

Following Health Information Week earlier this month, July’s chat will be on Patient and Public Information (PPI). Since Knowledge for Healthcare was published, in which Patient and Public Information was highlighted as a key are of work, there has been an increased focus on the topic. How has PPI affected you? Are you loving or loathing this focus? Are you seeing positive changes through this work? We will be following the questions below:

  1. What has your service implemented so far to support the PPI agenda?
  2. What’s been the most positive thing to come out of your PPI work so far?
  3. What is the most problematic aspect of PPI for you?
  4. Did you get involved with Health Information Week? How so?
  5. Have you built any good relationships out of your PPI work? How would you like to see those develop?
  6. Do you feel you need additional support to implement PPI in your service? If yes, what?
  7. Have you used any of the resources put together as part of the Knowledge for Healthcare PPI work stream?

Join us on Tuesday 18th July at 8pm on Twitter using the hashtag #ukmedlibs to discuss Patient and Public Information.


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