What’s your new year’s resolution? #ukmedlibs chat – Tuesday 17th January 8pm

New Year, new you? Or new priorities for your service or career?

Let’s kick off 2017 with a chat about what we are aiming to do this year professionally. Are you trying to quit a bad work habit? Or perhaps you are trying to get yourself in to a good work habit? Maybe you need to get a piece of work you’ve been putting off done  or have a project to get off the ground? Let us know what you are planning for this year and share good ideas and advice with your colleagues.

  1. What is your work New Year’s resolution?
  2. What have you been putting off that you’re determined to get done this year?
  3. What good work habits are you putting in place this year?
  4. What old work habits are you working towards getting rid of?
  5. Do you have a project you’re starting this year?
  6. What will you do this towards your CPD (Continuing Professional Development) this year?
  7. What does 2017 look like for your service? Sum it up in three words.


Join us at 8pm on Tuesday 17th January using the hashtag #ukmedlibs


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