A post card from Scarborough

Our September #ukmedlibs chat will take as its theme the 2016 HLG conference, http://www.cilip.org.uk/health-libraries-group/events-conferences-seminars/conferences/hlg-conference-2016, to be held in Scarborough from 15-16 September.

Whether you were lucky enough to be there, and want to reflect further on the issues raised by the papers you heard, or ideas sparked by networking, or you couldn’t go and want to know more, do come along at 8pm on Tuesday 20 September. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Follow the HLG conference as it happens with the hashtag #HLG2016 and follow us with #ukmedlibs

Questions for discussion;

  1. Those in attendance, was it a good HLG conference in your opinion?
  2. Were there any messages from our key note speakers which stuck out to you?
  3. Which sessions gave you the most food for thought?
  4. If you weren’t in attendance, which sessions looked the most of interest to you?
  5. Was there anything that you took away that you’ll definitely be putting in to practice? Or anything you’ll stop doing?
  6. What did you find to be controversial?

Join us from 8pm, 20/9/2016


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