Leadership chat, Tuesday 16 August, 8pm

August’s #ukmedlibs chat focuses on leadership, both in general and on the work and achievements of the first cohort of the Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme. Historically there’s been a great deal of work on developing leaders and leadership among doctors, nurses and other clinicians, but less in developing leaders in our own profession.

Knowledge for Healthcare, recognising this, set out as one its aims that local leaders will need to be identified, nurtured and developed through programmes that focus on the skills required and these in turn will feed in to a more rigorous approach to succession planning. In pursuit of that aim, 23 NHS library and knowledge service professionals successfully applied for a place and started their programme in March http://kfh.libraryservices.nhs.uk/a-fantastic-opportunity-to-develop-your-leadership-skills-a-free-one-year-programme-for-201617-applications-close-on-monday-21-december/, each participant taking an active role in delivering an assigned project on behalf of Knowledge for Healthcare.

The programme is based on a similar model to the CILIP Leadership Programme and includes a variety of different components:
• 4 face-to-face workshops
• Monthly online activities
• Action Learning Sets
• Knowledge for Healthcare group projects

We’re fortunate to have Jo Alcock (programme coordinator) @joeyanne and Michael Cook (one of the programme participants) @The_Mr_Cook to lead the chat. Knowledge for Healthcare hope to be able to recruit a second cohort, so this chat will be a timely an opportunity to learn more about the programme, and leadership in general.

Topics likely to be covered include:

  1. Can anyone be a leader?
  2. Why are leadership skills desirable for our profession?
  3. How can leadership skills be developed?
  4. What is the Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme and how are you finding it so far?

NHS Leadership Academy
Knowledge Hub for the NHS Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Academy (TVWLA)
CIPD Leadership factsheet (free registration required)
Sue Lacey Bryant, David Stewart and Gil Young Knowledge for Healthcare – Workforce Plannng and Development CILIP Update, December/January 2015/2016 p.33-35

Join us online at 8pm on Tuesday 16th August, with the hashtag #ukmedlibs. Chats are archived at http://www.symplur.com/healthcare-hashtags/ukmedlibs/


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