Knowledge Management: July chat, 8 pm, Tuesday 19 July

We’re delighted to have Sue Lacey Bryant, Senior Advisor, Knowledge for
Healthcare, Health Education England, to lead our July chat, on the theme of knowledge management. Knowledge management is a key driver of Knowledge for Healthcare  and the timing of the chat couldn’t be better, as knowledge management is a major theme at the 2016 CILIP Conference, which opens in Brighton on Tuesday 12 July, – Sue, together with Patrick Mitchell of Health Education England, and Professor Graeme Dewhurst  Postgraduate Dean for Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex, will be presenting on  Bringing the right knowledge to bear on everyday healthcare at 2 pm on Tuesday 12 July.

The questions for the chat are as follows. Please remember to quote the question number as you respond in the chat, and, of course, use the hashtag #ukmedlibs.

1. What does Knowledge Management in healthcare mean to you?
2. What KM tools and processes are you using (or know about) to capture and share organisational and policy knowledge?
3. What KM approaches are you using, or are aware of, to improve the quality of patient care?
4. What do you think should be in a Board self -assessment tool about the organization’s maturity in applying knowledge?
5. What ways/mechanisms do you use to connect people with shared interests across organisational and departmental boundaries?
6. What ways do you use, or are considering using, to capture and share lessons and best practice within your organisation?
7. How do you use KM within the library and knowledge service team eg. to transfer and retain knowledge when staff change?
8. What skills and knowledge do you need to help you make better use of KM?



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