On the next #ukmedlibs chat – Library and Knowledge Services provision for Public Health

Following on from the suggestion made in our last discussion, this month we are focusing on what Library and Knowledge Services provide for Public Health. Since Public Health moved from the NHS to Local Authorities in 2013, access to services may have changed for Public Health staff, but their need for up to date and quality evidence has not. Plus, Public Health staff has unique information needs within their own work. So how are we addressing these needs? What is your service doing to build relationships with your local Public Health? Join us at 8pm on Tuesday 21st June for the next #ukmedlibs chat!

Q1. Do you provide a service to Public Health?

Q2. If yes, how? Do you have an SLA?

Q3. Do you have a named or embedded librarian for Public Health? How does that affect their service?

Q4. What are the information needs of Public Health staff?

Q5. In your experience, how does Public Health staff want to access Library and Knowledge Services?

Q6. How is your service successfully engaging with your local Public Health?

Want to add some questions for the discussion? Tweet us @ukmedlibs


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