Transcript of last night’s chat

Thanks everyone who participated in last night’s chat, when we looked back to evaluate a year’s worth of chats, and forward to plan our second year. We had some excellent ideas, as you can see from the transcript. As usual, Symplur also provide analytics. We’re now just shy of 2 million impressions over our life: 1,987,511, to be precise, at 9:30 BST this morning. We hope, by the time we present at EAHIL, that we reach the 2 million.

We’ll analyse the chat, but ideas for forthcoming chats were these:

  • chats themed for particular sectors, eg public health, mental health (collaborate with public library staff?) , primary care
  • advocacy within organisations. eg promoting KfH to boards, and the advocacy toolkit
  • engaging with clinical teams
  • training
  • public libraries universal offer for health (and the universal offers more generally)
  • Knowledge for Healthcare one year on
  • Knowledge for Healthcare leadership programme
  • Knowledge Management (KM) in health; perhaps a joint chat with CILIP
  • Chats around CILIP conference (Brighton, 12-13  July) — this could be the KM chat — and HLG conference (Scarborough, 15-16 September)


may chat participants



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