#ukmedlibs chat 17th April; current awareness

April’s #ukmedlibs chat will be focused on current awareness. How are we keeping our users and ourselves up to date with all the new research, news articles, events, guideline changes etc.  Join us from 8pm on Tuesday 19th April, using the hashtag #ukmedlibs to discuss all things good and bad about current awareness (hopefully we’ll also pick up some good tips!) We will loosely be following the below questions over the hour;

  • Do you publicise current awareness as a key service on offer?
  • Do you think it’s an essential part of our service to users?
  • How do you put together current awareness updates for your users? Do you use a platform like KnowledgeShare?
  • Do you send out current awareness bulletins on specific topics or to specific user groups? Ie. Substance misuse or to Public Health staff
  • How much time do you spend putting together current awareness updates?
  • Do you have current awareness updates set up for your own professional use?

Want to see other questions asked? Let us know by tweeting us @ukmedlibs See you there!


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