Do you have an ‘appy Library?

Excuse the poor pun!  Without further ado I announce that the next #UKMedLibs chat on Tuesday 16th February (at the usual time of 8pm) will focus on Apps – for libraries, knowledge management, or just health related (whether for staff or patients) and explore their benefits and problems.

Essentially our question is: do you use (or recommend) any apps for library / knowledge / health use – it’s a broad question I know but I’m hoping that we can get the conversation started and make a few connections for people.
So, come discuss your favourite app, tell us the ones to avoid, and share what you would really like to see in an app – what would you design if you could?  In fact – we’d be very interested to hear if you have indeed designed one – what were the pitfalls, successes, and things to avoid if you’d do it again?  (If you have created an app that you’d like to show off – please come and tell us all about it on Tuesday 16th February at 8pm.)
Questions for the evening will be:


  • Do you use library / knowledge / health  apps yourself?
  • What apps do you prefer – content based, databases, tools for making life easier?
  • Do you recommend any for your library users?
  • Do you recommend any for your fellow library colleagues?
  • Do you recommend any for patients?
  • Should we be recommending apps for staff and patients?
  • How did you find your best apps?
  • What do you look for (or want) in an app?
  • What app would you avoid? (and why!?)
  • Have you created an app (would you want to)?
  • Are apps really the way forward?
And finally – two questions inspired by a conversation with @Agent23:
  • How secure are apps? (especially considering that it was found that NHS recommended apps were at risk of “leaking” secure information –
  • Should library staff be involved in teaching privacy/security issues?
[Can we even trust the veracity of the information shared, but that’s a question for another time perhaps!]


Last but not least – can you recommend a workflow app that makes life easier for you – do you even use such apps or do you prefer the usual stand-by of pen and paper?!
As ever, the chat will be archived on Symplur, but do join us on the evening if you can.
By the way – do let us know what you’d like to discuss on #UKMedLibs – we’re always looking for ideas, and if you’d like to lead a chat then so much the better!

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