Next #ukmedlibs: critical appraisal, 8 pm, Tuesday 19 January

Was one of your resolutions for 2016 to brush up on your critical appraisal skills? The first #ukmedlibs Twitter chat of the year can help.

We’ll be running  a critical appraisal session, led by John Blenkinsopp (@blenky64). John teaches the highly successful BMA critical appraisal courses, so we’re very pleased he’s offered to lead this. The chat will take place at 8pm on Tuesday 19 January. We will post more information, inlcuding the article to be appraised, in due course.

If you’re interested in Twitter as a vehicle for critical appraisal, you may also be interested in the #WeCATS chats. They’ve run two so far, and Tom, one of the #ukmedlibs team, helped facilitate one. ‘It was a little strange’, he said afterwards, ‘when you’re used to doing critical appraisal face to face, but I think it worked.’


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