November chat: clinical and executive champions for NHS library and knowledge services Tuesday 17 November

Our November chat will be something new, a Twitter focus group. Louise Goswami, National Programme Manager for Library and Knowledge Services, Health Education England, is undertaking research into how to identify, influence and support clinical and executive champions to become effective advocates for library and knowledge services as well as determining how the impact of these champions could be measured.

To that end, she’s conducting a series of interviews and focus groups, and one of these will take place on Twitter as our November Twitter chat. The chat will take place at 8 p.m. on Tuesday 17 November. Read Louise’s introduction to and context for the research [MSWord]. This document also contains a consent form; please complete and return to Louise at the e-mail address given.

Please remember to use the #ukmedlibs hashtag. Numbered questions are below. If you haven’t participated in a Twitter chat before, our friends at #uklibchat have written a useful guide.

  1. Who do we need to influence and persuade of the value of library and knowledge services?
  2. What would you consider to be the attributes of an effective champion?
  3. What would you consider to be the role of a clinical or executive champion?
  4. How can potential champions be identified and influenced to undertake the role?
  5. What resources would help equip a champion to be successful in their role?
  6. How can the success or impact of a champion be measured?

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