October #ukmedlibs chat: librarians as teachers

Teaching is an essential part of our job, whether it’s on a formal basis or a more informal one (see: http://interlibnet.org/2015/09/29/librarian-as-teacher-information-literacy-in-special-libraries-or-how-to-secretly-teach-people-things/) There was a fairly recent conference hosted by the West Midlands ARLG committee – Librarians as Teachers – and one of things that stood out for me was how can we make best use of our time so that our lessons ‘stick’.

In any case there is a wealth of literature regarding librarians as teachers, but what do you actually do, do you see yourself as teachers, and what can you offer to the newly qualified librarian who might be a bit nervous about teaching – whether it’s on a one to one basis, or standing up in front of a large group and hoping to look (and feel!) confident?

So, we have a few questions for you to discuss during our next #UKMedLibs chat on Tuesday 20th October at 8pm:

  1. Do you have a teaching qualification – is it necessary?
  2. What was your last teachable moment? Was it planned or spontaneous?
  3. How do you know whether they learned what you taught them?
  4. What is your best teaching tool?
  5. What would you recommend to a new librarian?
  6. Are we teaching or are we training?
  7. Online versus face to face?
  8. How do you deal with difficult/disruptive participants?

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