Conferences: September chat, 8 pm, Tuesday 15 September

The Health Libraries Group has announced details of their 2016 conference, so this month we’re going to talk about conferences. Health library and knowledge workers can go to a broad range of conferences; there’s our own, HLG, of course, but also EAHIL and MLA. Then there’s other professional conferences, not specifically for health, such as CILIP’s conference, UKSG, IFLA and so on. And more and more of us are going to conferences clinicians take part in, sometimes to promote our services, sometimes as presenters. Conferences play a unique part in the exchange of ideas and can send you back to your workplace full of ideas to make the world better for your users and your colleagues.

We’ll use the collective wisdom of the chat to answer questions such as these:

  1. Which are the best conferences? Which do you get the most out of?
  2. What are the killer arguments to use to persuade your lovely manager to send you?
  3. Apart from your employer, who else could support your attendance?
  4. If you want to present, how do you get your abstract accepted?
  5. You’re there! What are your tips and tricks for getting the most out of a conference?
  6. Why attend non-library confererences?

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