Next #ukmedlibs Twitter chat, Tuesday 18 August health and public libraries partnerships

Knowledge for healthcare: a development framework (KfH) clearly states the importance of working closely with our colleagues in public libraries. Many of us have already been doing this for a number of years, especially as so many public library services also work in health promotion, but what will this relationship look like going forward? How can we go about creating an effective and mutually beneficial partnership? Are there examples of work already in progress out there? Join us on Tuesday 18th August at 8pm for our next discussion on the partnership between health libraries and public libraries, led by Holly Case.

We’ll ask everyone to tweet a brief introduction and then we’ll structure the discussion around the following questions; they’re not set in stone, so please feel free to raise anything else you wish to discuss. We are hoping that our public libraries colleagues will also join in, it will be interesting to see the relationship from the other side.

Q1. Are you currently working with your local public library? If yes, then how and if not, what barriers are stopping you?

Q2. Do you think that KfH will help solidify the relationships between public libraries and NHS libraries?

Q3. KfH mentions the importance of partnerships in offering “coordinated information to patients and the public”. Do you think our public libraries colleagues will be able to support us in that?

Q4. In 2014 The Society of Chief Librarians and Reading Agency put forward the Public Libraries Universal Health Offer, how can we use our knowledge of the NHS and health information to support them?

Q5. Have you got any tips for joint working?

  • Project suggestions?
  • Any barriers? How did you overcome them?

Chats are archived on Symplur


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