The future of Healthcare libraries…

…appears to be in good hands as we talked about what we’d like to see and how to get there. For instance, @Davelaw22 said that he’d like to see “a dynamic service that drives innovation, research, and high quality care. It should always be around our patients”, while @clepping1 said that we need “flexible staff as well as flexible space”, which tallied neatly with @goswamilouise when she said “LKS staff embedded in teams with staff & students able to access resources they need on any device. Flexible space, wider roles.”; and finally, @Katenewell09 had a slogan (that was admittedly pinched!) that said “space to think, knowledge to act”.

If you could not take part in the chat session, you can see a transcript on Symplur.

We are always looking for themes and topics for our chats, so do let us know if you have something that you’d like to see discussed by fellow librarians, please leave a comment below or drop us a line on


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