The next #UKMedLibs Twitter chat…..

is on Tuesday 16th June at 8pm and the topic will be….

‘the future of healthcare libraries’

which I think follows on quite nicely from last months rather ambitious start to the #UKMedLibs chat when we opted to discuss the Knowledge for Healthcare framework (For those of you that still haven’t clapped eyes on the framework it is here:

There are a few resources out there that will quite likely get you thinking about the future of healthcare libraries, but I’ve come across these two:

Creating the future – an editorial from the Journal of the Medical Library Association –

The evolving role and value of libraries and librarians in healthcare – from JAMA –

but…what you really want to know is what questions are we going to be asking, so without further ado here is the initial list:

  • How do you think library space will change in future?
  • Do you see the librarian’s role continuing to evolve and how?
  • Funding streams are in constant flux: how should they develop?
  • Will we truly be electronic only with no print resources?
  • What is your ideal future NHS library?
  • Is the Knowlege for Healthcare framework truly the way forward? (Possibly controversial!!)

So you have any questions that you would to suggest? (The list will be finalised on the 16th if it changes hugely.)

While you’re here, we’d like to know what topics you’d like to discuss in future chats – please leave a comment below, or tweet to @ukmedlibs, or send us an email at

if you’re still here and quite fancy volunteering to run a twitter chat or two, just let us know!


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